Funeral Ceremonies

Funeral Ceremonies

My inspiration to work as a funeral Celebrant was my Dad’s final gift to me. In the last months of his life, we  spoke  about his wishes for his funeral, in great detail. This was a deeply personal, and sometimes very emotional experience. It was a great honour to plan a ceremony and celebration of his life, knowing that it would be just as he wished-down to the small details- the photo to be displayed on  his coffin, readings, songs, and the tone of his ceremony. In the weeks and months that followed his death, it was of great consolation to me that his wishes were honoured.


Loss is part of life, which we don’t understand until we experience it for ourselves. How we bid our loved one farewell is very important .  I felt drawn to work with other families to assist them with their final farewell to their loved one. It would be my privilege to work with you. I assure you of my empathy, sensitivity and professionalism at this most difficult time.


I can really listen to what you want for your deceased relative or friend,  and, in consultation with you, craft a fitting  tribute that  will live on in the hearts of everyone who knew your beloved.

How we work together

We  meet at a time that suits you, to listen to your ideas, and work together  to plan and prepare the ceremony.

You will  have access to my resources of poems and readings and ideas for rituals.

I can  write a Life Tribute for your loved one.

Following this meeting, I will write the Draft Ceremony, and send it to you, for your approval

I will be in attendance at the location of the ceremony well  in advance, to liase with staff and funeral directors.

I will deliver your ceremony in a professional and deeply respectful manner.

After the funeral, I will send you a script of the ceremony, by email or in paper format as you wish.


Note- if  a crematorium, check your time allocation- usually about twenty minutes from entrance to exit-  and make arrangements with your funeral director to book a double slot if your ceremony will take longer.


Planning your own funeral

Although quite a new idea, some people, myself included, plan their own funeral ceremony, with the help of  a Celebrant, and perhaps in consultation with their loved ones. I am very happy to offer this service, having written my own funeral several years ago. It was a life changing experience, that I highly recommend to you. I am happy that my wishes will be known by my loved ones, and they will not have to second guess as they plan to bid me a final farewell. And of course I can make changes too!

Kind words

In October 2017 my sister’s beloved daughter Sinéad died in Vancouver, where she and her partner had lived for five years. Sinead was in her mid-twenties, and had so much to look forward to. After cremation in Vancouver, our heartbroken family wanted to organise the burial of her  ashes and the celebration of her life in a way that would be acceptable to Sinéad and her partner.

Our celebrant, ÁineMoloney was exactly the right person to help us. She spoke to Sinéad’s family and partner, always mindful of the immense grief they were feeling.

She listened to everyone’s opinions and wishes and so organised a beautiful graveside ceremony that brought together family and friends.

Áine presented a readings for the family to choose from, she liaised with the staff at the graveyard and worked tirelessly to ensure the ceremony reflected our Sinead, and was very meaningful for us, her  utterly bereaved family. Every little detail was considered and the family felt they had done all they could. She led the ceremony with strength that held us in our saddest of moments and with total respect. I would highly  recommend Áine  as an extremely capable and warm Celebrant for any occasion.

Bernice O Rourke

Dear Aine,
I want to thank you for your work. The ceremony for Podge was lovely and very fitting. There was a real sense that it captured him so well, that it celebrated his life, that he would have liked it. It was your hard work that made that happen and we appreciate it greatly. You asked the right questions during our first phone call and this allowed you to begin your creative work. We were so impressed that within a few hours of talking you had given us a list of readings and poems, including such a perfect poem, you had written yourself specially for Podge. It was always going to be part of the ceremony. It centered around one of Podge’s most loved interests, fishing, it was perfect for Podge.
The words that you wrote and spoke about his life story was what we wanted to say but would never have been able to get time to compose it and then would have struggled to speak it. You were able to do so muchwith so little and it represented Podge’s personality so well. During the ceremony your voice was caring and strong and that was how Podge was too. The candle in memory of Podge was a lovely touch and has been used by Podge’s mam since to remember him at home.
There are so many small things that you did that made the ceremony just right and many people have been complimentary on the delivery and the words of the ceremony. Thanks so much for your hard work.
Andrew Cunningham- on behalf of Podge’s family.

Giving Back. Generosity of spirit, in action, is very important to me. There are many causes close to our hearts that deserve our support. When I work with you as your celebrant, I am happy to donate €20 to a registered charity of your choice, in your honour