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I wrote this little ditty about what’s popular at wedding ceremonies. Anything you choose goes!!! Dare to be different!



I can’t say “I DO”without you


I can’t say “ I DO”, without you.

 My sweet  lover my best friend

True blue …..

Shall we walk up an

Aisle, all dressed up with a smile

Or coast in  on a tandem for two?

We could wed on a train,

a boat or  a bus

With hundreds of  guests

Or simply … the two thats us.

  Whatever we choose

To the world we’ll Declare

We’re united in love,

Forever  life  we will share

Shall we read from Shakespeare,

Quote from  Dr. Seuss,

Or find a poem nobody knew?

Ours is the choice

Well find something nice

That will speak of our love-

ME and YOU.

Shall we tell them our

Story in all of its glory

Of what brought us here to this day?

How we met, set the date,

When love sealed our  fate

And what  I adore  about you.

We could bright candles light

To give guests  insight

Into  the tribe  in which we both  grew.

Or blend some fine sands

Have a fasting of hands

Hey,  or create  our own ritual new.

For sure  all  the above

Sets the scene for THE  LOVE,

Pure passion,  unique to us two

We’ll construct the right phrase

For the rest of our days

Precious moment,that shapes one from two

The traditional route,

It just might us suit…

“ Yes, I take thee for worse or for better.”

Or dream up our own vows-

 Like “ You give me the WOWS “?

And be the “ WE DO, YES” trendsetter .

Whatever we choose,

We’ve nothing to lose

Best find a class Celebrant too

To craft a one of a kind ceremony

Creating  our precious  memories,

“ Love, I can’t say “ I DO”without you.”



Copyright Aine Moloney, 2017-


Excerpt  from a  funeral ceremony that I wrote and led  -( names deleted to maintain privacy)

Our ceremony today has been prepared with great love by ______________

We assemble  here, in profound  sorrow, to bid a loving farewell to a wonderful young woman, who truly knew how to engage with the world

– ……….   She expressed a wish that this be  her final resting place- with  her sister……..

So it is in love and solidarity we join with ………..   With ……..s  closest loved ones, we gather to comfort each other in our grief and mourning and to honour the life, cut too short, that …….. lived. A life that was rich with  hope, laughter, creativity, happiness and love. ……. brought joy with her wherever she went.This is the way we will always remember……, that she lived her life to the full, as an example of the best of our shared humanity. to each and every person whose lives she gently touched.

A public Ceremony of Remembrance

Excerpt from “Shine a Light” ceremony  for the Tuam babies, which I wrote and led, in candlelight, at the site of their burial, for a gathering of hundreds of participants. Its echoes remain in my heart, and I am deeply greatful that i was given the privilige of honouring each child interred there- some of whom may have never heard their names said aloud.

We remember you

For the next few moments, in our hearts and with our voices,  we remember each unique little person who’s final resting place is on this site. We will speak their name  and acknowledge their lives. We remember too, those who loved, and cherished their own beautiful child forever in their hearts

I will now read the first name of every child I know of… and I invite you to respond and your response is –We speak your name, your light lives on.


Copyright Aine Moloney, 2018-

When we bless the day you were born

We speak your name. Your light lives on.

Martin, Bridget, Margaret, Madeline, Maureen, Kathleen, Thomas, George, Barbara, Pauline

Where there are deep bonds of love

We speak your name. Your light lives on.

Annie, Anthony, Michael, Patricia, Colman, Agnes, Christina, Walter, Philomena, Laurence

When we reach out to help in great ways and small

We speak your name. Your light lives on.

Vincent, William, Christy, Celia, Carmel, Catherine, Richard, Teresa, Brendan, Kate

When we live in deserts of fear and isolation 

We speak your name. Your light lives on.

Baby, Angela, Francis, Eileen, Harry, Bridgid, Owen, Josephine, Florence, Norah

-In tender heartfelt  moments

We speak your name. Your light lives on.

Rose, Paul, Sheila, Luke, Ellen, Brigid, Stephen, Christopher, Elizabeth, Donald

If we feel the gentle touch of a true friend or an angel at our side

We speak your name. Your light lives on.

Brian, Festus, Nuala, Henry, Sabina, Charles, Nora, Winifred, Edward, Helena

When we extend solidarity to those cast aside

We speak your name. Your light lives on.

Bernadette, Andrew, Anne, Simon, Jane, Noel, Geraldine, Gertrude

In the twinkling of the stars on this clear night

We speak your name. Your light lives on Austin, Daniel, Keiran, Kevin, Jarlath, Gerard, Fabian, Oliver, Sarah, Gerald

When we understand  and support  another in pain

We speak your name. Your light lives on.

Colm, Evelyn, Ann, Imelda, Marian, Dermot, Dolores

When we realize our goodness and refuse to be shamed

If you know a name that has not been spoken, speak it in your heart

We speak your name. Your light lives on.

When love is all that’s left when those we love  are gone

We speak your name. Your light lives on.


Baby Naming – A short excerpt

At this point in the ceremony the celebrant usually speaks words about being a parent, a grandparent, godparent, guide-parent,  or special person in the child’s world. Instead I will read you a story, which will speak its own truth to each of you.  Kids and kids at heart  can do the actions. And the story is….  Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney

©1994 Sam McBratney

when the grandad of the family lay down with his grandchildren to act out the story as I told it, it sure was a heart- melting moment !!!







Other Bespoke ceremonies- a speech and a poem


I spent many years working as a teacher in Special Education. My Final school assembly, June 28th 2018, a very personal moment, in the presence of colleagues, students and parents- the  memory  of which I will forever cherish

Dear Grosvenor Community, friends, and family ,

Sincere thanks to the organisers of todays lovely event, who,in the tiring last week of the school year have given of their best, as usual.

As I stand here at my last school  assembly as a staff member, I  feel very blessed to have combined a career  and a passion over almost a quarter of a century at Grosvenor School.

Educating the minds and hearts of our students has been my joy. And a lot of fun.

To do so alongside so  many gifted colleagues was indeed an honour. Our work is great work, and is truly satisfying because we love what we do. Know that I have been inspired in my work  by your professional approach, your  collegiality and your genuine connection with our students.

I am most grateful to each one whose  kindness and loyalty Along with  your sense of humour, craziness,  fun,  and fine wit and wisdom. supported me over my teaching career here at Grosvenor.  So, although it is not easy to say goodbye,  I leave Grosvenor with great memories that I will take with me into the next phase of my life, and cherish dearly.

I aspire to live my life out of  kindness, and authenticity, and hope that, in some small way this has made a difference to you personally.   Every good deed you did with me and for me in our  spirit of shared humanity inspired me in difficult moments and on the best of days  over the years. I will always hold them in my heart.

I’m going to read a poem I recently wrote, dedicated to every student I taught. It is written in the first person, but I know that it also reflects the relationship you, my dear  colleagues have with our students, so today this reading is dedicated to you also.


Copyright Aine Moloney, 2018-


The bold twinkle  that

Lit up  your eyes

As you smiled

And spoke anew

When you emerged

From fear

To trust

So often

Made music


In   my heart.

When you knew


new to you

And I was

the fountain

of your knowledge

It was then I  felt 15-19


as vast as the ocean

And as unconquerable.

As you grew into you

I stood proud

As another mother would,

Acknowledging that you

Would always

hold a special space

In the depths

of my spirit.

It was your strides towards

Your confident beingness

That walked by my side

When I mused on

being enough good

Or at least good enough.

To be enough for you.

When your time came

To venture forth

Towards the world we adults

Dwell in,

(most of the time)

-On your last day

at our own  school-

An embrace goodbye

your hand in

Trust in mine,

Contained my unshed

Tears of separation.

In your absence

You often speak with me anew.

And I listen to your wise ways…

Soaking them in

Through every sense

For yours  is the voice

of Divine presence for me

-Unfolding  goodness

Gathered  in the innocence

Of the very wise.

We lost the beauty

Of too many

To death and beyond

But you, each soul, live  on

When I recount a  funny story

Like the one

About the day you

Said you’d fire me

And you meant it.

The guts of four decades

Spent in your world

Undefiled by guile

And bitter spite,

Has defined for me

What is useful, truthful

And joy filled

In my Universe.

So  now, as

I embark on schola vitae

To  take the other fork

On the road to learning

My new Life path

Stepping forth

I pause.

In threshold space

I speak.

Hark, for this is my gift

And you have been the giver

-A sense of  what truly matters-

I raise a cherished glass

Of beauty crystal pure

To every one of you.

I give voice to me.

My message clear.

“ It is with Great fondness

I bless you for

Speaking to

The best in me

As my teacher,

My  pupil

My mentor

My enlightened one

And my gentlest of  Guides “



Copyright Aine Moloney, 2018-

Thank you

Giving Back. Generosity of spirit, in action, is very important to me. There are many causes close to our hearts that deserve our support. When I work with you as your celebrant, I am happy to donate €20 to a registered charity of your choice, in your honour