Do you need someone to listen to you in a heart connection where you really feel seen and heard? I offer  a one to one soul friend service, to ease your journey and shed light on the path ahead.

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Kind Words


Hi Aine,

We are delighted to give a recommendation for you.
Aine taught our son for 2 years in Grosvenor special school. Our son has Down Syndrome
and is on the autistic spectrum,consequently he suffers from severe anxiety at times. Aine
established a great rapport with him and understood his complex emotional needs . Her
patience and persistence helped him through a difficult time in his life and we will always be
grateful to her for this.
More recently our son, who is now aged 21,has suffered a great deal of sadness and anxiety
following the death of a close family member. Aine has provided phenomenal emotional support
and counselling for him both in person and remotely. Aine’s sessions with our son tacilitated
him to express his feelings and worries in a way that he could not have done without her. Aine
did this by exploring his best way of communication to break down his concerns into smaller
issues and to give him the tools to work through his worries and sadness in a way that was very
manageable for him. She has developed coping strategies for him that are invaluable and for
which we will be eternally grateful. We and our son also appreciate greatly that he is treated as
a young adult by Aine and respected as such .
Peter and Caroline Chapman